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Speech of the Angolan President at SADC Tripartite Summit

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08/23/2013 - Full speech delivered by the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, at SADC tripartite summit: Angola, South Africa and DR Congo on 23 August in Luanda.

Your Excellency Jacob Zuma,

President of the Republic of South Africa,
Your Excellency Joseph Kabila,

President of the Democratic Republic of Congo,
Honourable Members of the three Presidential Delegations,
IlIustrious Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I welcome the presence of your Excellencies in Luanda, for the second time in the short period of a few months, and I wish to welcome you to Angola, hoping that during your stay, you may once again feel the warmth of friendship and hospitality of our people.

In our last summit, held in March of this year, we set up the Tripartite Mechanism of Relationship and Joint Cooperation among our three countries, in order to maintain a permanent dialogue and consultation and to accomplish joint efforts to promote regional development and that of each Country, in conditions of peace and security.

This Tripartite Summit aims to proceed with the signature of this Agreement, and deepen the discussion about safety.

We are concerned about the evolution of the situation of political and military instability prevailing in our region and that will continue to affect particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and the Great Lakes Region.

This constant instability undermines not only the sovereignty and territorial integrity of these countries, but it affects us all as well, threatening the peace and security of the entire region, which are the indispensable foundations for economic and social development and the process of integration of our country in the various sub-regional blocs such as the Great Lakes, SADC and ECCAS.

The conclusion that is reached when analyzing the causes of instabiíity and expressions of dissatisfaction that occur in our region and in other parts of the world, is that the guarantee of social peace is to build an inclusive society and welfare, in which governments allow freedom of expression, creativity and action within the framework of Law, and promote participatory democracy and regular dialogue with the social partners and other bodies representing civil society to ensure the participation of citizens in solving national problems.

In our meeting we will therefore assess the degree of implementation of the Framework Agreement for Peace, Security and Cooperation in the ORC and the region and agree on appropriate measures to help speed up the end of the conflict in that country.


In addition to the major infrastructures that each of our countries disposes of and which can be put, in a constructive and mutually beneficial way at the disposal and to the advantage of our countries, we will also explore new ways of cooperation in various fields in which each of us can complement the interests and needs of the other.

Thus, it enhances and gives substance to our strategic partnership and consolidates our already excellent political, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural relations.

Thank you for having accepted the invitation to return to meet in Angola and we hope that our work is carried out in an atmosphere of cordiality and atlains the success we ali expect.

Thank you very much!